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Mountain View Crossing Apartments


Mountain View Crossing Apartments

Wayne, NJ

Industry: Multi-Family

  • This fully occupied, 171 unit, wood-framed apartment building caught fire, destroying forty-six (46) units completely and damaging the remaining 125 units with moderate to severe water damage.

  • Within 35 days, the 43 least damaged units were re-occupied. The next 28 units were inhabited within three (3) months. In six (6) months from the time of the fire, 54 additional units were leased. Full restoration and ready for 100% occupancy of the building was completed in 13 months.



  • SCM provided Construction Management/On-Site Owner’s Representation Services concerning the physical and financial progress of the restoration Project including developing and compliance with plans and specifications; and  tracking and resolving pending change orders and obstacles to re-inhabit the damaged building as soon as possible.

  • SCM provided full time, on-site, Owners’ Project manager to monitor quality of the work and conformance with Project specifications.  Review and recommend payment of monthly applications for payment. Submitted formal monthly reports which kept the Owner informed of the financial and schedule status of the Project.

Construction Cost: $7 Million  

Architect:  Mark S. Carelli Architects

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