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Exclusive Services

Trust, Loyalty, Integrity,

Insight, Experience, Flexible,

Owner - Focused

- Owner Representation

- "Agency" Construction Management

- Value Engineering - Alternative Analysis

- Program & Project Management

- Pre-Development Feasibility Analysis

- Concept & Pre-Design

- Entitlement Management

- Risk Analysis & Mediation

- Capital Expenditure Planning & Development- Brand/"PIP" (Property Improvement Plan)

 Negotiations and Implementation

- Conceptual Budgeting

- Procurement - Permits - Bids Management

- Development Management

- Lender Project Monitoring

- Project Accounting and Cash Management

- Due Diligence Management

- Facility Renovations/Management

- Lender Services/Construction Loan Administration

- Code Compliance and Upgrades


Agency CM Services



  • Needs Analysis & Preliminary Space Planning

  • Disruption & Continuing Operations Planning

  • Identify Required Project Manuals/Controls & "Vision" Specifications

  • Conceptual Cost Estimating

  • Affordability Analysis & Preliminary Cash Flow Projections

  • Establish Control Measures Project & Cost

  • Preliminary Master Schedule Preparation

  • Establish Document and Data Management Requirements

  • Identify Qualified & Appropriate Design Professionals

  • Prepare Requests for Proposals (RFP) & Conduct Competitive Solicitations for Professional Design Services

  • Negotiate Design Services Agreements for Owners' Execution

Establishing the Project Requirements, Financial Viability, Required Expertise, Team Roles and Responsibilities are Critical to Achieving Success.


  • Expedite Subdivision Bonds & Final Permits

  • Prepare Comprehensive Bid Packages

  • Conduct Competitive Bidding for General, Prime or Trade Contractors

  • Negotiate & Prepare Final Construction Agreements for Owner Execution

  • Finalize Construction Phase Schedule(s) & Update Master Schedules

Establish Clear & Professional Objectives & Ground Rules for the Project between the Owner, Design Professionals and Constructor(s).


  • Conduct & Document Pre-Construction Meeting with Constructor(s) and Code Enforcement Officials

  • Conduct & Document Regularly Occurring Progress Review Meetings

  • Establish Progress Payment Format & Requirements

  • Analyze & Recommend Payment of Monthly Progress Payments

  • Cost Analysis, Negotiation & Documentation of Change Orders, including Errors & Omissions and Entitlement Determinations

  • Project Status Reporting

  • Schedule Recovery Planning & Implementation

  • Cost to Complete Estimating

  • Corrective Action Evaluation & Implementation

  • Performance & Payment Bond Obligations

  • Real Time Dispute Resolution

  • Move In, Start Up & Commissioning Planning

Aggressively Mitigate & Resolve Potential Disputes to Maintain Project Momentum & Focus on Project Completion


  • Punch List Generation & Completion Compliance

  • Contract Close Out Coordination

  • Ensure Turnover of Warranties, Training & O&M Manuals, Etc.

  • Public Bond Release Final Dispute Resolution

  • Final Payment to All Team Members

  • Comparison of Contract Obligations to Actual Performance

  • Calculation of Damages

  • "In-House" or "Outside" Expert for Mediation, Arbitration & Litigation

  • Various Forms of Discovery

Assist Owner in Operating, Occupying and the Use of the Project as Envisioned and Required


  • Document Project History and Status

  • Manage Projects on Behalf of Surety, Lender or Investor

  • Repair Troubled/Distressed Projects and Claims of All Types

  • Forensic Schedule & Budget Analysis

  • Compare Baseline Against Actual

  • Identify Delay, Concurrency, Compensability

  • Evaluation of Acceleration and Productivity

  • Comparison of Contract Obligations to Actual Performance

  • Calculation of Damages

  • "In-House" or "Outside" Expert for Mediation, Arbitration & Litigation

  • Various Forms of Discovery

Manage & Resolve Disputes Professionally to Maintain the Owners' Reputation & Return to Their Primary Business

"At Risk" Construction Management Services

We provide Owners with a variety of Project delivery methods, including:​

  • Lump Sum Agreements

  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) with a Savings Clause Contracts

  • Cost Plus a Fixed Fee on one-of-a-kind, unknown or extremely accelerated Projects

Lender Services/Construction Loan Administration

We inspect, review, estimate and verify all aspects of a Project for:​

  • Banks

  • Credit Unions

  • Private financial institutions and investors


We have reduced overall Project budgets by 15-20 percent, and still met all Owners' objectives, both in function and form, by providing Independent Cost Estimates (ICE) and alternative options analysis.

Code Compliance and Upgrade

  • We Offer Code Compliance Reviews

  • Identify Non-Compliant Conditions

  • Negotiate Compliance Agreements with Authorities-Having-Jurisdiction (AHJ)

  • Complete Construction Activities According to the Code-Compliance Plan

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