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Meyerhoff Symphony Hall


Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

Baltimore, MD 

Industry: Symphony Halls & Theaters

  • Mechanical, Roof & Hall Interior Renovations.

  • New HVAC and Mechanical Systems.

  • Complete renovation of the actual Symphony Hall; new roof systems, new in-filled Second Space restaurant space, and upgraded restrooms. 


  • SCM led the acoustical engineering and testing effort to verify the new carpet, seating fabric and form cushioning for the Hall Interior will not alter the world class acoustics of the JMSH. 

  • SCM services include design and construction management of the architectural/engineering design team and sub-consultants, General Contractor and tracking submittal, Requests for Information, deliverables, work schedules, equipment turnover, new software training, etc. 

  • Fully responsible for meeting Project budget, financing constraints, design, permits, pre-qualification, bids, contracts, invoices, punch list and contract closeout.


Construction Cost: $6.2 Million

Architect: Choe Benn Holback & Associates

                 - Now Quinn Evans


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